Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Work?

I'm planning to have these laser cut out of felt, I'm thinking it's also high time I add some color to my work as I've only been working in black and white as of late.

Maybe magenta or some rich color of blue?

Oh, and these are most likely going to be bracelets, also, when I return to school I am planning on hand cutting a few small versions of these out of sterling to be made into rings!

And yes, clearly the circle obsession continues


  1. Hello, I'm letting you know that you've been awarded the "One Lovely Blog" award! I've added your blog to my list, and you can view it here:


  2. Very nice. I love the simplicity of black and white.

  3. hmmm, sadly darling, i had them cut in blue! it's going to be awesome though!

  4. These will be gorgeous, I am loving the blues and greens of peacock feathers, looking forward to seeing them x