Monday, May 25, 2009


I'm not trying to slack off on the updating promise! I am back at home for the summer back to my nightly waitressing job...BUT! This has been leaving a ton of time to work on my thesis [which I now have approval to move forward on!!!] and more laser cutting ideas and! As soon as this holiday weekend is over I should be arriving a new package of stuff from Ponoko! YES!
I have 4 new designs coming and then I will be all set to re-launch my etsy store! I'm incredibly excited about this work, and I am getting better at "proofreading" my designs so I am pretty sure this one no little lines will be overlapping or anything silly of that variety.

So check back soon! It's sure to be grand! =)

In the meanwhile... I leave you with this image which it seems I never posted? Strange!

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